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About Us

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Chocolique was founded in July 2007 by Fani Andriani.

I Started my business by making praline chocolate since I was in high school, back in 1999. I used to sell praline chocolate occasionally, especially on Valentine’s day, to my school mates. I labeled them ‘CHOCOLIQUE’.

During 2006, I spent my days in several city in Europe which is very famous with chocolate, getting to know more about chocolate and its ingredients.

So in 2007 when I prepared my own wedding, I decided to make praline chocolate and wrapped them up in beautiful packaging for my own wedding favors. I also bought 4 units of Chocolate Fountain Machine from abroad, planning to have my own chocolate fountain stall at my wedding reception.

Surprisingly, after the wedding, some of my friends / relatives started to ask me about my wedding favors which I made them by myself, also got curious with the Chocolate Fountain at my wedding reception. FYI, back in 2007, Chocolate Fountain was really something new in Indonesia and rarely be found.

As time goes by, I received many orders on praline favors also chocolate fountain stall, especially for weddings and birthdays, so I decided to build my own team and focus on my business. So from 2007 up to now, CHOCOLIQUE is a team, not only me myself.

Thank God, now we have 10 full-time production staffs, also 3 back office staffs. We also have a small office in Kelapa Gading area.

Due to high demands on other edible products such as customized cookies, customized cakes and cupcakes, so a few years ago we started our baking division. Now we have 1 central kitchen located also in Kelapa Gading.

We can be reached via email or visit our Contact Us page. We’re looking forward for your orders!


Fani Andriani

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